Today started off with a bang as it was announced during breakfast that we would be playing tribal volleyball tonight. This announcement created a buzz around camp throughout the entire day, as the girls were eager to see not only which team would prevail as the winners, but which girls would be chosen by their tribe!

After breakfast, the girls walked up to the chapel where they listed to a True Story by Ann Boyd where she related a story about her daughter catching a flying squirrel to the Pslams. From there, the girls made their way down to tribe meetings where the athletes for tonight’s game of tribal volleyball would be chosen. Each chief created three teams divided up by age groups. Intermediate camp and Senior Hill will be playing a true game of volleyball tonight while the Tweedles will be playing nuke ‘em!

Today for lunch we had Stromboli for the first time all summer! The afternoon was just as exciting as the morning was as many activities opened their class up during free time so girls could work on bars. The energy of the senior hill girls working towards the coveted white feather was palpable during this time. Not every girl used this time to work on bars for, around 3:00, you could find many of them on the volleyball courts practicing for tonight’s game along with the rest of the chosen athletes.

If you walked a little up from the volleyball courts to the heart of our camp, Lake Doris, you would find many girls taking advantage of the free swim and working on bars in canoeing, most likely listening to the Top Gun: Maverick soundtrack in the background.  In cooking today, the girls created a delicious mini-meal of pigs in a blanket and Mac ‘n cheese. They mixed, shredded, and kneaded to create a meal that had everyone asking for seconds.

I know everyone is just as excited as I am to spectate tonight’s high-stakes game!