Merry Christmas from Camp Merri-Mac! Today started off with a miracle, in the form of doughnuts and hot chocolate from your favorite Senior Staff elves. Everyone wore their favorite Christmas pajamas and lounged with their special breakfast to the backtrack of “Santa Baby”
and “Feliz Navidad”. However, Christmas is still a busy day at Merri-Mac, and soon after breakfast it was time to head to chapel and daily activities.
We’ve been hoping for some rain here at camp, but in the meantime we are enjoying dry weather for all of our outdoor activities. Caroline Jeffries had a blast riding Roman this morning,
and even worked her way up to a trot! She is learning how to “post”, and sit up straight in her saddle as she works toward more advanced riding skills. Addie W., Ella Y., Lucy C., and Allison B. are all going for their silver bar in Studio Fitness, and today they completed one of the final requirements! Allie S., one of our counselors and studio fitness instructors, led them in a four lap loop around camp, which they had to complete in under 25
minutes. The hills around camp make this a tough feat, but the group was feeling excited and ready to run. To add to the excitement, Maeve T. shot a bullseye today in riflery, and Emerson S. learned her roll in kayaking in only 17 minutes! One special activity Merri-Mac offers to campers is a “Solo-13”. Campers who are 13 or older can sign up for a solo campout where they will set up a tarp and camp by themselves for a whole night (with backpacking counselors out of eyesight, but close by). Campers that keep the
solo requirements the entire night will receive a mark, and usually hike down the mountain chattering about how they want to do it all over again. Lavinia C., Grace F., Annaleigh M., and Molly G. will all be attempting their Solo-13 tonight, and we are all wishing them well!
After a filling Christmas lunch, we will be rounding out the day with breakfast for dinner and an
evening activity called “Division Night”. Junior Camp is doing our famous slip-and-slide on Mackey’s Green, Intermediate Camp is free swimming (complete with blob and waterslide
access), and Senior Camp will be playing our first inaugural Powder Puff Football Tournament. It has been a fun-filled day, and we are looking forward to a fun-filled night followed by a restful Sunday, and the start of another great week at camp!