Merri-Mac campers this morning arose refreshed and ready for another big day at camp! Breakfast consisted of warm sausage, toast, and other nutritious options.

During the first activity this morning, the campers jumped into their activities. During PAWS, two of the double doodle puppies, Marigold and Buttercup, unexpectedly escaped from their pens, sending the activity counselors and campers in a temporary frenzy after them. Thankfully, no injuries occurred, and the puppies only made it near the top of Pippin Hill. Now we know that small dogs have quick feet when let loose.

In Fencing, campers dueled with gusto to earn their bar awards. One close game between Madi and Claire captivated the attention of others during this neck-to-neck battle for victory. Their practiced moves and expert use of the blade has helped them progress towards gold bar. Congratulations Madi for winning this morning!

Campers in Guitar have been working on different chords and songs at their own paces with exciting results! Additionally, campers in Knitting have ravenously consumed yarn at astounding rates for their headband creations and other crafts! Thankfully, Camp Merri-Mac is prepared for such circumstances as these.

In Volleyball, many campers are working hard on their bar achievements. Dani, for example, has earned her bronze bar last week and is playing for silver now. During Archery, Adelaide has been working towards her bronze bar. During her morning session, she hit a bullseye for all to see. Job well done!

During free time, Merri-Mac watched the authentic musical Frozen, which was presented by the Drama and Dance activity groups. Special shout out to the co-directors Kate (who played as Anna) and Lizzie (who played as Elsa). Key songs, such as “Love is an Open Door” and “Let it Go” were included.

In drama class, campers practiced their improv abilities. One member, Cadence, promptly died from poisoned coffee during their dinner party performance, while other party guests denied all responsibility of the crime. Thankfully, Cadence managed to rise from the dead after the scene and is also unharmed from the incident.

DIY has also consisted of both educational and exciting projects. Today, campers learned about art techniques from the Renaissance period with a specific focus on Leonardo da Vinci and the Mona Lisa. Their coloring pages based on the painting and separate project to create bracelets has campers collaborating, working together, and relaxing in the creative setting.

Other events with Horseback Riding, Swimming, Guitar, Archery, Trail Running, and Mountain Biking carried on without distinctive disruptions, but campers are having a blast as always!

Susanne Thomas

Sunspot Counselor