The day started with a cool breeze and light rain. After a hot day, the girls were excited to wake up to a change in weather. It was eggs, potatoes, and biscuits for breakfast followed by a sweet morning at chapel, where we got to learn about God’s power and gentleness. 

Today’s morning activities consisted of rainy day games and projects indoors! As I walked around, I got to witness all the fun going on at each activity. In the cooking kitchen, the girls were baking and decorating brownies! I was so jealous I wasn’t able to make my own; they looked amazing! I stopped by pottery class and got to see some of the projects girls were making using the pottery wheel. Some were making mugs and dishes, others were making little stick figures and animals. As I continued to walk around, I noticed a big group sitting in a circle on the back porch of “The Big House” so I went to check what was going on. The basketball class was doing some group bonding as they played various games under the shelter. It was clear that the rain wasn’t going to stop anyone from a great day at camp!!

Next, campers headed to lunch where we ate chicken tenders and fries, a camper favorite! After enjoying a good meal and socializing with friends in the cabin, the wait was was time to announce the evening activity! Tonight we get to play “Counselor Hunt!!!” This game allows the counselors to get decked out in camouflage or the color black and find the most incredible hiding place around camp. It’s the campers’ job to find their counselors and try to win their tribe some points! Let’s hope the counselors are good at hiding!

After a great lunch, we walked outside to the most beautiful weather! The sun was shining and it was time to run around outside..well, not until after a little rest time of course. The girls were eager to be back outside after spending the morning inside! As I walked around, I got to watch girls perform improv outside, swim in the lake, take the horses for a ride, and play some intense pickle ball. 

Today I have gotten to experience God’s power and gentleness through the rain and the shine. What a beautiful thing!

Meg Spickard