Camp Merri-Mac awoke to excitement in the air. And why not? We’ve always got surprises prepared, especially today because it’s… Tribe Fest!

The scent of juicy sausage and French toast welcomed the campers into Tucker Inn against the chilly morning. After breakfast, campers walked to chapel, which consisted of exciting songs and the classic Camp Merri-Mac benediction hymn. Adam then shared a particularly touching story of when he discovered his basement flooded in grime. The easily visualized story helps us remember the importance of God cleaning our hearts from sin.

During lunch, campers were greeted by one of the more popular meals: Caesar salad wraps accompanied with homemade waffle fries still warm from the frier and richly seasoned. Additionally, the tomato soup line successfully wrapped around the Tucker Inn entryway for half the meal.

Paige G. also celebrated her birthday after lunch! Congratulations on turning 9 years old, and we’re confident that your camp cookie cake tasted especially sweet today!

As usual, Trade Po hopped with business, and the current most popular candy they have is likely Gatorade and Crunch chocolate bars.

The second Tribe Fest activity was Battle Ball (the Camp Merri-Mac version of dodgeball), and tribe songs rang out from The Mike across camp. Thankfully, games are divided by age group to keep scores fair. Several games between Tweedles ended with incredible results. On one occasion, Saige L. from the Golden Eagles survived several dodgeballs against seven opposing Red Wolves. Congrats on the courageous finish!

With spotty weather on the forecast, Tribe Fest may or may not end with a camp-wide evening activity, but whatever ends up happening will be filled with amazing memories for Merri-Mac campers.

God Bless,

Susanne Thomas

Happy Hollow Counselor