It’s another hot day at Merri-Mac and spirits are high! The day started with one of my personal favorites..blueberry muffins, eggs, and hash browns!

In chapel, we learned about how God places laws in our lives for our good and how freeing they are. It was a sweet morning full of worship and truth.
From there, activities began! The girls in pottery were making and decorating ornaments, DIY consisted of coloring pages and journal making, and chicken tenders were being made in cooking. I could smell them all the way from the pickle ball courts! As I continued my walk, I stopped by the dock to watch diving, canoeing, and kayaking class. I’m jealous of all the cool tricks and techniques the girls are learning in these water activities. Also, what a better day than today for a swim in Lake Doris. I finished my rounds in dance class as I watched the girls learn a ballet routine to the song, “Sweet Ever After” by Ellie Holcomb.
In just a little, we’re off to dinner followed by a fun evening with our cabins! That’s’s CABIN NIGHT! Each cabin will have a different activity to create good bonding and fun memories!
From this Haven,
Meg Spickard