Today was the first day of Third Session! Last night, new campers were initiated into the three tribes: Red Wolf, Black Bear, or Golden Eagle. 

“We thought initiation was so fun,” said Merrit G., a Sunnysider and Golden Eagle Scout. “I remember when I was first initiated. My sister was already a Golden Eagle so I kind of knew what tribe I would be in.” 

Spencer C., another Sunnysider, also remarked on her initiation experience many years ago. 

“I remember how good it felt when the chief grabbed my hand and pulled me into the circle,” she said.

Spencer C.
Sunnyside Camper

Mikayla W., who is in her second year of camp, said she liked experiencing initiation as already part of a tribe. 


“It was cool,” she said. “ I liked doing all the cheers with everyone in my tribe because you get to yell on purpose.” 


This afternoon, after a lunch of pizza and caesar salad, the tribes all went on a hunt for the Merri-Mac hatchet. According to a camp legend, the tribe that finds the hatchet will win the banner at the end of the session. Lily S., a Sunnysider who is part of the Black Bear tribe, found the hatchet.


“When I found it, I was like ‘Wait, is this the hatchet?’” she said. 


Sabel L. also had her eight birthday yesterday. 


“At dinner, everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me, and my mom gave the counselors a present to give to me,” she said. 


Activities also began today, and many campers are already thinking about how they can accomplish their goals and earn bars. 


“I got my bronze in gymnastics last year, so I want to work for my silver,” Gwenyth O. said. “I just don’t know what I have to do yet.”


Ellie V. is working for her bronze in both volleyball and basketball and said she wasn’t worried about earning them. 


For many of the older campers, bars are a way to become a Whitefeather, a special honor awarded to campers for excellence in activities and character. 


Cecilia G. said she knew of two campers who had earned enough marks and were currently undergoing the final step in the Whitefeather process. After completing a night-long crucible, campers have to carry a special rock to all their activities and are not allowed to speak for a day. 

“Trista and Griffin are going for Whitefeather,” said Cecilia G. “It’s so inspiring but also so funny because they have to carry the rock all day and they aren’t allowed to talk.”
Cecilia G.

Although Whitefeather is the end goal for many Merri-Mac girls, some are just getting started with activities. 


“This morning, I went to my first activity of camp, DIY. We colored in our journals,” said Julia A. “This afternoon I have pottery and cooking.”


Evening activities will begin tonight, and it was announced at lunch that there will be a camp-wide game of Battleball. 


“I love battleball!” said Allison M. “I’m especially excited for the Sunnyside v. Staff game.”


It’s been another great day at Camp Merri-Mac!


From this Haven,

Ivy Young (Tweedle Dee counselor)