Campers awoke to a beautiful summer morning within the natural splendor of Black Mountain. Lake Doris rippled calmly while the sun gathered strength above the heavy canopy of fir and Yellow Poplar trees. The smell of scrambled eggs and cooked potatoes drifted from Tucker Inn as campers headed down for breakfast.

During chapel, campers burst with energy for “The Banana Song,” “Let my Light Shine,” and “I’ll Fly Away” before linking arms and singing the classic Merri-Mac “Camp Hymn.”

Since it is the second day of Session 3, campers are still starting new activities. In Horseback Riding, campers are excited to meet and ride the horses. Reese C. said she loves the English style of riding. “I do it at home sometimes,” she added. Nearby, Lucy G. said “I really want to learn [to ride],” as she is used to riding a different breed of horses who have a different canter.

During Backpacking, campers introduced themselves and described what book or movie character they could best relate with, and afterwards, they began learning wilderness living techniques.

For lunch, the kitchen served a steamy entrée of mac and cheese with pigs in a blanket with optional baked potatoes on the side heaped with bacon, cheddar cheese, and sour cream.

During Cooking, the aspiring sous-chefs whipped out crispy grilled cheeses with warm tomatoes soup. Shealy H. shared that she loves to create all sorts of foods at home, especially brownies, with hopes of creating cupcakes while at camp. Campers from the Comet cabin also enjoy to cook at home, including recipes for coffee cake, Oreo balls, and classic chocolate chip cookies.

In Volleyball, campers learned the basic moves for serving and passing the ball, then moved on towards discussing the requirements for bronze, silver, and gold bars. Emma W. also wants to get her silver before the end of this summer, though she’ll need to get bronze first.

Pottery kicked off to a creative start. Campers have been creating bowls and trays with leaf imprints for their first activity. Once their creations are fired, painted and glazed, the results will be incredible! DIY also began with campers designing the covers of their own art journals.

This evening after dinner, campers will be enjoying the throwback game of Dutch Auction on Pippin Hill, which many will be playing for the first time. It’s similar to a giant game of Apples to Apples, but with random cabin objects instead of cards!

From this super cool haven,

Susanne Thomas

Happy Hollow Counselor