Today at camp started off very strong with a fan favorite morning meal, geometry

breakfast: sausage, hash browns, biscuits and eggs. What more could you want? After

breakfast a couple adventure activity trips went out to experience climbing rocks and trails in the

incredible North Carolina Mountains. Participating in the climbing trip was Annabeth M., Cam

P., Julianne A., Caroline B., Heidi B., Katie J., Laureen D. and Caroline R. On the mountain

biking trip included Shealy H.. Sylvie L., Andrea B., Scarlett I., Ellie P., Charlotte C., Caroline

C., Rebecca S., and Maggie V. We are proud of these girls’ adventurous spirits.

It was a beautiful morning to be on the dock. Callan W. earned her bronze in diving and

Emerson M. worked toward her silver. Diving is one of the most fun classes at camp to watch

and it is awesome to see these girls enhancing their skills.


At lunch we sang tribe songs and announced evening activity… El Presidente!! In this

game, each tribe chooses a president and several generals and must protect them from being

caught while they go after those high point players of the other tribes. The good times kept

rolling into the afternoon with a counselor/camper pickleball tournament during free time-

pickleball is a camp favorite this summer. Blue Heaven counselor Meg S. and camper Nora F.

took home the win and bragging rights.

The sun shined into third and fourth period while Mary Mattison P. and Carlin B.

learned Wagon Wheel in guitar and Brooke B. helped teach the class to work towards her gold.

In DIY crafts, Claire H., Louise M. and Emery F. got creative and colored still lives and jazzed

up their DIY journals with lots of color and patterns.

While we’re not in activities at camp, we spend a lot of time in our cabins and with our

cabin mates. Charlotte O. said about her cabin, Rainbow, “We’re all really close. Everyone is

there for each other and you just make eighteen best friends in the span of two hours. It’s really


Charlotte is right, the relationships we make here are really cool and really special and

I’m grateful everyday to be a part of them.

From this wonderful haven,

Kate Sansbury

Milky Way Counselor