Happy Thursday everyone and welcome back to another wonderful day at Camp Merri-Mac! Last night our girls gathered together after dinner to celebrate Lindsay Johnson’s Princess Party. We had such a “sweet” time getting to dress up in our favorite dresses and watch her Charlie & the Chocolate Factory themed play. Thank you to all of the staff, CITs, and cabin princesses who made it all possible and for the Johnson family who made the evening one to remember.

Today has truly been one of the busiest of the summer. I had so much fun getting to hop around to each and every activity throughout the day today! From Yoga to Climbing to Paws, these girls truly do it all. Their excitement around their activities is simply contagious and I loved getting to watch everyone shine in their own unique way. Congratulations to Mary Alice who taught her very own class in Pickleball today for her Gold and to everyone who competed in the Archery Invitational this afternoon. You make us proud, girls. During the afternoon, the staff also got their own chance to soak up the sun on Lake Doris and were even given some delicious ice cream sandwiches from Sunshine Sammies! We had so much fun swimming around this afternoon that we even got some of the puppies to join us for third and fourth period. Tonight’s evening activity will be a classic game of Gold Rush and I cannot wait to see who wins. Go Eagles!

Although today has been filled to the brim with excitement, it has also been a day of packing and going home preparations. Even while we were practicing our Lakeside songs at lunch today, I was left completely in awe of how much emotion was in the air. Left and right almost every single girl was holding on tight to their best friend and reminding them that just like our song says, “This is goodnight and not goodbye”. Tonight as we gear up for the final White Feather ceremony of 3A it’s hard to believe that we will be saying goodbye to some of these girls tomorrow morning. I hope that they are able to be recognized for all of their hard work and achievements this evening and that they will also be reminded of just how much they are loved by each and everyone here. I am truly so proud of all of our girls and it was such a pleasure getting to watch so many find so much joy at camp this year. Every camper that enters through our gates is a treasure and I hope to see them all back again next summer. Until then…

From this Haven,

Haley Sweat

Rainbow Counselor