Happy Wednesday! Today, everybody woke up well-rested after a surprise extra hour of sleep.
After “cleaning up the cabins and getting it all neat”, everybody “headed down the hill to get
something good to eat”, lyrics from one of the Sunnyside cabin songs the girls sing at
One of my personal favorite things about camp Merri-Mac is that girls of all ages are in their
classes together, allowing the older girls a chance to mentor younger girls while simultaneously
giving the younger girls role models to look up to. In cheerleading, Wimberly J., Eleanor B.,
Nora B., and MacLaren M. all worked together to create a cheer routine for camp, making
friendships with each other they may not have had otherwise. In volleyball, girls were split into
two teams and practiced their volleyball skills by playing against each other. In DIY crafts, some
of the older campers worked on drawing animals while the younger campers made animals out
of yarn. What I love about this is that even though the campers may be years apart in age and
working on different artistic things, they are still in the same class together and learning from
each other!
On the dock, the girls in water activities had some fun getting a chance to jump off “the blob”
and dive into Lake Doris. The weather was beautiful today – after a brief bout of rain during
free time, the clouds disappeared allowing everybody to continue their activities. While our 3A
campers are leaving on Friday and wrapping up in their classes, our 3F campers are staying two
more weeks, giving them more time to work on “bars” – levels of recognized achievements
starting from bronze to silver and then gold.
Camp is also buzzing with excitement for tonight’s Princess Party. Each cabin elected a single
“cabin princess”, a girl who the cabin believes embodies camp Merri-Mac. These cabin
princesses will act in a play tonight, directed by the Princess of Merri-Mac. The play chosen is
still a secret, so we all cannot wait to see our friends act tonight and have the secret revealed!
I am so blessed to get the chance to watch all these girls grow in their skills in their activities
and in their friendships with each other. The relationships made here are truly something
From this haven,
Madeline Knowles
Moonmist Counselor