Today was an adventure filled day in Black Mountain. In activities, girls enjoyed reaching some final goals and learning even more. In dance girls got to exercise their choreography skills, while cheer tried their hand at stunting and creating new routines. Backpacking reviewed their top tips for success and celebrated with s’mores. Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer each scrimmaged for one last game of the summer. Cooking made delicious sheet pan pancakes and pottery finished glazing their pieces. Knitting finished off their projects and mountain biking took a spin around camp. Fitness put all of their skills to the test and competed in an obstacle course that finished with the slip and slide. The weather this afternoon was a bit unpredictable, but the girls enjoyed engaging in conversation and games with one another – making sweet memories they’ll cherish forever. Tonight the senior hill and bear camp girls will compete with their tribes in games of Volleyball and the Tweedles will play Newcomb. Everyone is looking forward to a final amazing day of camp tomorrow which will be filled with exciting activities and the best of friends!