A thrilling Thursday at Merri-Mac!
This morning, girls woke up to an amazing breakfast of biscuits, hash browns, and sausage, then headed off to chapel to hear from Meg S. about how Jesus knows and sees our need and is there when we seek Him.
Girls then made their way to first period activities! On Pippin Hill, girls in soccer learned how to head the ball and played games to practice this skill, followed by a scrimmage. Our yoga class was led through a nice relaxing flow overlooking the beautiful mountains. In rock climbing class, girls continued improving their skills and spent the day at the Upper Tower learning new routes. Our tennis girls tested for their bronze and silver bars while others played doubles games with some great rallies! In DIY crafts, girls got to decorate their journals and spend some time storytelling through drawing pictures and scenes in their journals! There were lots of laughs!
The day just kept getting better when we found out lunch was pizza pasta, which is just what it sounds like – pizza in pasta form! This afternoon, girls had some needed rest time and then of course enjoyed their Trading Post snacks near the volleyball courts. Outside the cooking kitchen, the aroma of pigs in a blanket and homemade mac-n-cheese filled the air! Nora F. got one step closer to getting her gold bar in pickleball after teaching third period, leading her peers in practicing their forehands and backhands and playing a doubles queen of the court game!
Tonight is cabin night!!! All the counselors have already planned something exciting for their girls. Whether it’s making ice cream sundaes in the cooking kitchen or the slip-n-slide on Mackie’s green, every cabin is sure to get some sweet quality time together tonight and we can’t wait to see what everyone is up to!

From this Haven,
Kathryn Underhill
Golden Eagle
Tweedle Doe Counselor