Today was such an amazing day here at Camp Merri-Mac! We are so happy to have some new faces for session 3B. This morning campers woke up to the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls for breakfast! After we ate breakfast and sang some morning songs, we headed up past the lake to the chapel. The campers’ voices carried across the lake and over the mountains as we sang some beautiful chapel songs! We heard a lovely message from Adam B. about how Jesus is fully man as well as fully God.


This morning during activities the cabin of Rainbow went on a cabin trip to an awesome swimming hole where they got to spend some time bonding and swinging on the rope swing! Spencer C. had a grand time on the rope swing, and she even encouraged other campers who were a bit nervous to swing. They had a wonderful time hanging out and exploring nature! Back at camp, many girls were experiencing their classes for the first time! With a few safety talks to start classes, the campers were eager to participate in their activities. Parker A., in the cabin of Tweedle Dee, almost made a bullseye on her first try in riflery! And in archery, about 80 percent of the campers hit target, and there were five bullseyes! It is so exciting to see campers achieving so much in each of these activities that they don’t always get to do outside of camp. In pottery, there were a lot of girls throwing on the wheel for the first time, and up at the lake, campers were enjoying the adventurous lake activities like kayaking and diving! During all of these amazing things, we enjoyed a delicious lunch of chicken sandwiches, we went up to rest time, and we had a bit of free time to hang out with our friends and enjoy the day!


After activities, we all made our way to the Tucker Inn for a yummy dinner of pasta with meatballs. This meal was fuel for the super awesome best evening activity… Battleball!!! After we ate our peach cobbler and sang even more songs, the campers headed up to the Mike to compete in this ultimate game of dodgeball between the tribes. As I’m writing this, I can hear the chanting of the campers in hopes that their tribe dominates! I can’t wait to head up there and see who is winning!


From this haven,


Virginia Horn


Rainbow Counselor


Golden Eagle


War Eagle!