Good evening Merri-Mac! What a fun day it has been here at camp! Campers woke up to wonderful
morning weather, not too cold and not too hot. Campers began their day with a delicious meal of
waffles and sausage patties. After breakfast the campers headed to chapel where Star of the Morning,Oceans, and Isaiah 43 were sang. Today’s chapel service came from Lucy Christian and it was about,“who is Jesus?” The campers learned that he is full of grace. His grace and love surpasses our sin and He loves everyone enough to extend His grace to all. He is always watching us and wanting us to reach out to Him to ask for forgiveness. After chapel the campers rushed off to their tribe meetings, where they discussed different strategies for their tribes and chanted their tribal songs that rang through camp.

Next the campers were off to their first activity of the day. Some campers at the riding rink, others at the lake working on swimming and canoeing, and many more dispersed throughout camp doing activities like, pickle ball, tennis, basketball, and knitting. Next it was on to their second activities, volleyball today was a happening place, the campers were showing off their skills as they worked to achieve their bronze, silver, and gold bars, in hopes to one day soon achieve the highest honor of White Feather. Next it was time for kayaking to take a few laps around the lake to work on their paddling and technique. Next was studio fitness, today’s workout was lead by two upper senior hill girls. These girls led their co-campers in a workout, which allowed these girls to attain their gold bar in fitness.

It was perfect timing for the sun to finally burst through the clouds right before lunch time. Today on the menu for lunch was turkey, bacon, avocado sliders, with sweet potato fries and honey dew. Next it was time for activity period three. Highlights from period three were the amazing reverse layups being shot at basketball, the mountain bikers biking up all the hills around camp, and DIY crafts working hard to complete their fairy houses.

Finally it is time for period four, which included, playing with the adorable puppies in PAWS, shooting on the archery and riflery range, yoga on Pippen Hill, and horseback riding in the riding rink.

Next it is dinner time! Tonight the campers ate Parmesan chicken, broccoli, garlic rolls, and for dessert they had sugar cookies. The smiles on the girls faces when they were eating their sugar cookies was
priceless. Tonight’s evening activity is base jumping, where the campers have to go to different spots to try and get a slip of paper, with the goal of each girl getting their slip of paper into their tribes bucket without being tagged by counselors hiding around camp. Campers screamed and shouted with joy that filled the entire camp showing their enthusiasm for evening activities
and their pride for their tribe!

Tonight was so much fun! Post evening activities include, the amazing slipping slide on Mackie’s Green, cooking in the kitchen, pickle ball, cabin game nights, etc. Today was a great day at Merri-Mac, full of fun, laughter, and adventure!
-Emi Oates