It was a Merri Tuesday at Merri-Mac today! We started off today with some math equations as in
GEOMETRY BREAKFAST!! Everything at breakfast is a different shape as for example the
eggs are circled and the hashbrowns are rectangle. It’s so much fun! After breakfast, we went to
chapel and sang some of my personal favorites like Every Move I Make, I’ll Fly Away, and How
He Loves Us. Adam spoke to the camp in chapel about “Who is Jesus?”.

Once chapel was over, the campers headed to their first activity of the day. In backpacking, the campers learned how to properly filter water from our tweedle creek and made lemonade from the filtered creek water.It was honestly very delicious and refreshing. In pickleball, the girls worked on their bars and Caroline Rodriguez got her gold today. Way to go Caroline! In pottery the girls glazed their pottery pieces to be able to take home at the end of the week.

After morning activities, we all came back to the Tucker Inn for a camp favorite lunch, Greek day! After lunch we found out what our evening activity is which is tribal volleyball. There are three teams picked for each tribe to play volleyball against each other.

After lunch the campers all ran to their cabins to find out who was awarded cabin princess. Each end of the session, a sunnysider is crowned Princess of Merri-Mac to come back the following year and throw a princess party. Each camper will vote for one girl in the cabin that resonates kindness, humility, confidence, honesty, and integrity. They will practice every day for the princess party and at the end of the week, the whole camp will gather on Mackey’s Green to celebrate our princess Eliza Davis with a play that she created and directed.

After rest hour and trading post, we went into our second half of activities of the day. In cooking today, the girls made their own grilled cheeses and created their own recipe for them. It was very delicious! In archery the girls were working on aim by trying to pop balloons on the targets. There were different teams that would compete against each other to pop all their balloons. In dance the girls went around camp and performed a “flash mob” in different activities all around camp. It was so much fun! I hope everyone has a great night tonight and tomorrow will be an amazing day!

From this haven,
Cloud 9 Counselor
Izzy Ott