Today is the second to last full day of session 1A, and for our classes that means the last time campers are in these specific classes besides their friends. They are soaking up all the time they can, making friendship bracelets, reminiscing memories, and sharing some final adventures together.

Today, two groups set out early to adventure off property. One went to Montreat to explore some of our neighboring trails through trail running, while the other headed to hike Big and Little Piney.

In classes, girls enjoyed completing their bars and finalizing skills. The lake activities had a blast free swimming!

After dinner, the entire camp headed to Mackey’s Green to celebrate our princess, Eliza D. The princess embodies the characteristics of a Merri-Mac girl; she is kind, inclusive, and a friend to all. She was elected during her Sunnyside year and is now a CIT (Counselor in Training). Eliza through us a princess party with the theme, Mamma Mia. The other CITs, along with Cabin Princesses participated in the Mamma Mia play that Eliza wrote. A Cabin Princess is a camper elected by her cabin mates that embodies the same characteristics and the Camp Princess (The Cabin Princesses are listed below). The campers had fun picking out their best outfits to join Eliza for the evening.

Cabin Princesses:
Bet Bet
Kate H.
Campbell L.
Mattie T.
Maddie G.
Eliza B.
Evie E.
Miller G.
Vespa M.
Ingrid (Bunny) B.
Quinn P.
Celia S.
Hadley D.
Lizzie M.
Millie S.
Afton C.
Susan A.
Sasha C.
Anna E.
Abigail M.
Anna S.
Jalin C.
Charlotte W.
Annaleigh M.
Anna L.