It’s a Merri day, Merri-Mac!

Today, campers were awoken by the soft pitter patter of the drizzling rain across the Merri-Mac mountain. The rain has come on and off today, but meals and activities have occurred as normal! The gentle breeze has been a nice change from the June summer heat. 


For breakfast today campers enjoyed biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs and shredded hash brown potatoes. For lunch we had chicken patty sandwiches and french fries and for dinner we shared roasted pork loin with baby potatoes and buttered corn. 


Our campers have loved showing their creative side at camp so far! In DIY, campers have worked alongside their counselors to craft postcards of the beautiful scenery around camp, with the hope to mail them home to you soon! Fine Arts Night is approaching soon (a camp favorite!), and classes have begun preparing to perform various talents for the rest of camp. In particular, the dance classes have been working on group combinations that will be put together and showcased very soon!


Tonight’s evening activity is Mission Impossible! This game consists of activity stations where girls will go around camp and complete activities to then win the station. As the game goes on, tribal teams win various bases. Spies are strategically placed around camp to inform their tribes of what bases they have and which ones that they need to pursue to take over. The tribe that takes over the most bases wins the game. All girls are invited to participate in roles and those who do not have specific roles cheer on others in their tribe for spirit points. 


After evening activity, the Sunnysiders are celebrating this evening with a sweet sixteen birthday party in the kitchen. Happy Hollow is making milkshakes in the cooking kitchen and Jiggity Jig is having a hot chocolate birthday celebration on the back porch. 


-Megann Beebe, Tweedle Dum