Rain can’t slow us down!

Today we moved out of the rain to play some fun interactive games such as basketball trivia, archery charades, and backpacking played some of our favorite indoor games like human knot or telephone. But activities like mountain biking and canoeing stayed outside with big smiles and determined focus. I especially enjoyed seeing these girls get to bond during this time and learn more about each other while being put in smaller locations to stay out of the rain. 

I know at least for me rainy days can make you extra tired or hungry but it didn’t seem to affect them for they went through all their activities with great attitudes and for their meals they were truly spot on. For breakfast, they had french toast and bacon with lots of fruit, and for lunch, a camp favorite, of corn dogs and mac and cheese. As for dinner, we had chicken alfredo, California blend vegetables, and warm dinner rolls. In Cooking class, the girls got to make sliders with whatever toppings they wanted. They learned how to grill and they even made the buns from scratch. It was a good day of filling and delicious food. 

During free time today, with Song Fest approaching, girls got to practice with their tribes and sing their hearts out for their tribe. We are so excited to see what each tribe will come up with. This will just be one step closer for one of these dedicated tribes to take home the banner; the highest honor of any tribe to have at the end of the session. Another exciting task for them was tonight’s tribal game, a staff favorite, Counselor Hunt! This game is like a big game of hide and seek throughout the camp where the campers search eagerly for their counselors who will be dressed in black or cameo. Once they have found a counselor, they must take them to the dock and line up to get their turn to push their counselor off the diving board and into the lake. The girls really got into the game and were cheering louder than ever when their favorite counselors approached the board. It was a great time for campers and counselors alike. 

After a full day of fun in the rain the girls went to be with their cabins and participate in post-evening activities. Milky Way girls enjoyed marshmallows and quality time with their cabin mates while other girls played some fun cabin bonding games inside nice and dry. Excited to see what fun tomorrow brings!

-Savannah Temple (Counselor)