It’s a merri day, Merri-Mac!

Campers enjoyed sunny weather and a nice breeze while going to their activities today. For breakfast, we had bacon and egg burritos. We practiced a few closing songs during chapel. The rest of the day was filled with fun and relaxation during quiet time.

Campers were kept very busy during their activities. DIY crafts worked on making frames for their still life pictures. The girls in guitar class enjoyed playing several different pieces and the girls in dance practiced their solos. Our cooking class made ice cream and snickerdoodles. Many campers worked on earning bars or shopping in the camp store during their free time today.

After enjoying sloppy joes for lunch, we found out that tonight’s evening activity is AquaFest! This game consists of competing in several different swimming exercises. For example, campers may compete in the back stroke, breaststroke, or even in diving and belly flop competitions. Those not competing will cheer for their tribe in hopes of earning spirit points.

Today was especially fun since the tweedles put together a horse wedding at the barn before evening activity. They invited some of the older girls and picked flowers to braid in the horse bride’s hair and to hold as they were the flower girls for the ceremony. There were lots of hugs and cheering when the horses were wed!

From this Haven,
Makensie Wilson (Tweedle Counselor)