This is goodnight and not goodbye Session 3A! We’ll see you next summer!

This morning began with a delicious breakfast of waffles and sausages followed by a Friendship Circle on the back green. Campers linked hands in a circle and sang farewell songs together, afterwards they hugged their friends goodbye and the Sunnysiders passed out their suns. As the pickup line began, there were so many happy reunions as campers reunited with family and promises were made to keep up with camp friends over the school year!

Meanwhile our full session campers enjoyed a full day of classes by braving the climbing tower, splashing through Lake Doris, and stretching with yoga. Lunch was chicken sandwiches with mandarin oranges then campers were treated with a longer nap and tray-po and freetime afterwards! Classes continued through the afternoon and girls enjoyed making crafts in DIY, riding horses, and practicing archery! Pulled pork sliders, coleslaw, and baked beans were served for dinner with apple turnovers for dessert, yum!

As the evening approached, campers ran over to Mackes Green and played Dutch Auction. Every girl had to bring three random items and contribute it to their team’s pile. The judge calls out a theme and the girls had to rapidly throw together an outfit or skit out of their pile of objects. There was lots of laughter and fun as each team showed off their creations based off of Disney, Taylor Swift, or camp!

We are excited to welcome our 3B campers tomorrow but we want to thank all of our 3A families for being a part of Merri-Mac this summer.

From this Haven,
The Social Media Team