Hi everyone!!
We are having a great start to the third session!! It has been a sunny week full of new friendships and catching up with old friends. Today has absolutely perfect weather. We have had sunshine all day and it has been in the eighties. Today our girls had a yummy breakfast of eggs, shredded hash browns, and biscuits. After a few morning songs they headed off to chapel. Mary Paige, one of the camp directors, spoke today in Chapel about the character of God. She talked about how God has given us His word so we can grow to know more about Him. We also discussed how God has given us clear guidelines and parameters to live by in the Bible, but these rules and boundaries are to punish us or for God’s pleasure. They are so we live set apart from those around us who are not pursuing a relationship with God and His heart.

After Chapel, the girls headed to their tribe meetings which are lead by their chiefs, elders, and scouts. The girls get to meet new friends in their tribes, learn tribe songs, and talk about evening activities. After this they enjoyed free time and hung out with the Counselors in Training (CITs) while staff wrapped up their daily meeting. After this we all headed to our first activity. Today girls met their instructors, learned about safety, and started participating in their new activities. Some of our girls got to enjoy a fun time on Lake Dorris this morning. One of girls’ favorite classes is canoeing. Today the girls practiced their strokes before hopping in canoes and go for a spin around the lake. The girls had a lot of fun learning canoeing cheers, songs, and chants to help them remember how to steer, get in and out of the boat safely, but most importantly they had a great time discovering Dorris from a new angle.

Lunch is always a fun time. The girls sing, we celebrate birthdays, learn who won the previous evening’s activity, and learn about the upcoming evening activity. Tonight we will be playing Mission Impossible.

In this game, there are various activities open that serve as bases. We walk around from activity to activity and try to control all the bases at once. Once a tribe has control of all the bases, it is a game over, and they have won the game. Evening activity is followed by post-evening activities. We get to hang out with our cabin and make s’mores, go on the waterslide, make milkshakes, or rest. Post-evening activities are a ton of fun. They are a great way for girls to get to know their cabin mates.

Third session is off to a great start. We are so surprised that we are already on the last session of the summer. We are pumped to spend the next few weeks with these girls. We are so excited to make memories, have laughs, and watch them all grow over the next month.

From This Haven,
Kyla Rowell (Jiggity Jog Counselor)