It’s a merri day, Merri-Mac!

The girls arose on a bright sunny morning to start off their full first day of camp! Today was a
special morning for some of the girls because they went on a sunrise hike! All the girls quickly
got dressed and rushed down to the dining hall to get yummy french toast and sausage links.
The dining hall was teeming with excitement as campers anxiously awaited to receive their daily
schedule. After breakfast, the girls headed to the chapel. We started the session off strong with
camp favorites such as Pharaoh Pharaoh and Good Good Father. After worship, Will told a
story that points to how God doesn’t care what we look like, we do not need to impress Him, He
still loves us unconditionally.

After chapel, the girls headed to their first tribe meetings where they learned chants to sing at
lunch and evening activities. Tribal meetings are led by the newly selected trial leaders, elected
the day before from the Sunnysiders (the oldest campers).

The girls then started to get ready for the first day of activities. At 9:50 am, the bugle rang,
hundreds of girls ran to their first activity, each one excited to learn new skills and interact with
old and new friends. Since today was the first day of activities, the first 15 minutes consisted of
a safety talk. Then each activity sprung into action. Guitar class learned the parts of the guitar
and started to learn the first few major chords! In volleyball, girls learned how to set and then
played an intense game of queen of the court. In climbing, girls learned how to belay and put on
their harnesses. In soccer, girls practiced passing drills. In cooking, the smell of banana
chocolate chip muffins filled the air. This morning was filled with many diverse activities, and

We then all headed to the dining hall to eat Taco-in-a-bag (a camp favorite). This year the chip
bag is bigger and better than ever! After eating, each of the tribes performed the tribal songs
they learned that morning. Next, the girls were sent on a mission to find the legendary hatchet to
start the tribal competition. Only a few minutes passed, and screams of victory rang throughout
the entire camp as Red Wolves found the hatchet. According to the legend, the Red Wolves will
win the banner. Black Bears and Golden Eagles have to step up their game to bring their tribes
closer to the banner.

The girls were then sent to rest hour to power up for the numerous activities planned for the rest
of the day. After two more adventurous activity periods, the girls quickly changed into their
whites for the infamous camp picture. Each girl expertly maintained perfect pose during the
picture. After the picture, the girls headed to dinner to eat cheese ravioli and broccoli. The girls
cheered over the sweet treat for the night, lemon bars!

Most importantly, the girls fueled up for the night’s tribal game, SOCK WAR. In this game, all the
girls bring a long sock and try to tag the other team. If you get tagged, you will be escorted to
the jail and the tagger’s team gets a point. If you find a chief, elder, scout, or a staff member, the
points increase in value. The staff members have to be super fast to outrun all these girls. After
the game, girls head to post evening activities, such as a campfire with smores, trash-bag
fashion show, slip n’ slide, and many more!

After a long day of activities, the girls shower and participate in a nightly devotion that reflects
what they learned in chapel that morning. Then lights out so the girls will be well-rested for the
excitement of the next day of camp!

Katie Abbott
Sundrop counselor