Happy Opening Day!

What a great way to start off the week! We welcomed all of our new girls to camp and we are excited to start activities tomorrow. It was a pleasure to meet all of you, parents, and thank you for sharing your daughters with us! Tonight we welcomed new initiates into tribes, below you will find the list of those initiated:

Mila C.
Liv C.
Emily G.
Eleanor G.
Margaret K.
Julia E.
Sadie P.
Kesington B.

Sabrie D.
Hannah-Cate G.
Katherine W.
Cecilia L.
Elizabeth L.
Elizabeth W.
Kate W.
Lucy F.
Lee F.
Anna T.
Lucy H.
Margaux B.

Coco B.
Emerson O.
Jaime R.
Hattie L.
Ashna J.
Claire H.
Ella S.
Aviv O.
Frankie T.
Clementine F.
Kelsey H.
Adelyn A.
Auguste H.

We also chose tribal leaders for Third Session, you will find their names below!

Golden Eagles:
Chief: Griffin Bryan
Elder: Marin Deonanan
Scouts: Lorelai Carter and Molly Christian

Black Bears:
Chief: Olivia Berry
Elder: Eva Bertozzi
Scouts:Elizabeth Abbott

Red Wolf:
Chief: Josie McClinton
Elder: Eva Libertone
Scouts: Madge Miller and Zadie Hawk

We can’t wait to start activities tomorrow and begin learning skills and encouraging adventure in our campers!

The Social Media Team