On this beautiful Christmas morning, the girls were woken up with a surprise from Santa’s helpers delivering a delicious breakfast of donuts and hot chocolate. After breakfast they received stockings full of yummy treats and then headed to chapel!

At chapel we sang Christmas songs like Hark the Herald and Silent Night. We then learned about the importance of having Jesus in our lives, and how lucky we are that he was born into
our world!

When chapel was over the girls headed off to their tribe meetings and then when the bugle rang
the girls dashed to their second activity of the day, because we got to sleep through our first activity because it was Christmas!

Campers in Paws got to walk the cute puppies. Campers in
basketball, riflery, and climbing worked on receiving bars; drama also collaborated with partners to come up with new skits.

At 12:30 lunch rolled around and the campers and staff enjoyed a delicious Christmas meal of turkey, peas, bread rolls, and stuffing; along with a sweet treat of ice cream for dessert. After the
delicious treats we headed straight to rest time to relax for the busyness days that come from camp. The girls can write letters, read, or sleep during this time.

At 2:15 though the girls went rushing out of their beds to enjoy some free time around camp with their friends. Some play
Gaga ball, volleyball, play in the creek, read, or host pickleball tournaments!

Then at 3:30 the next round of activities began! The cooking class got to make delicious pastas and add their own special touch to each pasta dish. Knitting class relaxed in the quiet knitting
nook and talked to one another while creating beautiful projects.

Other campers enjoyed the nice sunny day on Lake Doris in their kayaks and canoes as well! Once the activities at camp came to an end and dinner was served the girls headed to play El Presidente where all the tribes compete against one another and try to steal long socks off the other tribes; it gets very

The girls here are growing so much in their love for the Lord and strength in their activities and we can’t wait to see how it continues in these next few days of camp!

From this haven,
Holly Weathers
Tweedle Dum Counselor