Today we got to spend the day playing in the rain!!

Breakfast: English Muffin Sandwiches and Hash browns
Lunch: Mini Corndogs and Mac N’ Cheese
Dinner: Chicken, Rice, Veggies, and Egg Rolls with Ice Cream Sandwiches for dessert

Fencing took a world tour around and shared some fantastic tunes with everybody at camp.

Lake activities started their classes with a splash of free time before diving into the rest of their festivities in canoeing, kayaking, diving, swimming, and junior lifeguarding.

Climbing worked on tying knots before they face their next boulder while dance, drama, and knitting fine-tuned their skills.

Cooking made oreo and banana pudding parfaits, YUM!

Girls raced to tray-po to get air head extremes and capri-suns.

Free Swim this afternoon was Stardust, Milky Way, and Little Dipper. Rainbow took on the slip and slide and Tweedle Dum raided tray-po.

Tonight we brought back a camp favorite: Minute to Win it! Girls participated in small games in a race against the clock to win the most points for their tribe.

Megann Beebe, Tweedle Dee Counselor