It was a bustling and exciting Wednesday today at Merri-Mac!

Girls woke up and, after completing their cabin chores and getting ready for the day, headed down to breakfast in the Tucker Inn. We enjoyed a delicious meal of pancakes and bacon, complete with yogurt and fruit from the healthy bar. After singing funny morning songs like “The Prune Song,” we all headed up to chapel. Every morning, we get to worship God through music and by hearing a message from a staff member. Abbie P., a Sunnyside counselor, told a funny story of the time she saw a bear during class and freaked out! She connected it to how we as humans are often foolish but the Lord loves us always.

After chapel, girls headed to their first period activities. Campers worked on skills for their bars in volleyball and basketball, with lots of serving and dribbling! Pottery made jewelry trays while cooking grilled delicious mini pizzas. The sun was out and the energy was joyful as girls both learned new skills and got to create new things.

After second period we had a lunch of Greek gyros with toppings, grapes, and pita chips. Campers also loved getting soup and salad from the health bar. The energy climbed as we cheered our tribe songs at the top of our lungs (go Eagles!), our lunchtime tradition. But it quickly quieted down as we headed up to rest time. Girls are able to use this time to read, write, or sleep so that they can rest up for the remainder of their busy day.

When the bugle rang at 2:15, the quietness quickly disappeared as campers rushed down to Trading Post to get a snack. They played tetherball and gaga ball and enjoyed time with their friends. Today, Jiggity Jig, Jiggity Jog, and Happy Hollow had free swim! These three cabins headed up to the lake to splash in Lake Doris and jump off the blob. Before too long, it was time to head to third period. Some rain didn’t stop activities from continuing. Fencers worked on their lunges and there were bullseyes in archery and riflery and some beautiful choreography in dance. Dancers are preparing for tonight’s Fine Arts Night! After dinner, we will all convene in the chapel to watch some girls perform singing, dancing, or acting routines. We love celebrating our creative campers and seeing the talents they bring to camp!

As 3B continues, we have loved getting to know and celebrate your girls. We are grateful for our time with them and being able to see them grow and have fun!

From this haven,

Elizabeth Rambo
Sundrop Counselor