Today was a very merry day at Merri-Mac! Our girls spent the morning being surprised at breakfast by the Sunnyside Minions with Gru and Vector leading the way. We had yummy waffle sandwiches and crumbly coffee cake for our first meal of the day and the Minions led us in some crazy breakfast songs.
Next up, we headed to the chapel! Mary Page told us a true story about being a part of Jesus’ family and somehow tied in M&Ms… it was awesome. We worshipped together by singing Pharoah Pharoah, Jesus I Adore You, and the Merri-Mac hymn.
Following chapel, everyone raced to their first activity of the day at the sound of the bugle. Volleyball campers practiced their serves, kayakers worked on their hip snaps to prepare to learn a roll, and DIY campers began weaving their stools. Some serious queen of the court went down at tennis, too!
After the first two activities, we headed to lunch. Inside the Tucker Inn we all enjoyed lamb gyros and pita chips. Following our delicious meal, Sunnysiders led us in rowdy tribe songs, and the girls sang their way to a much needed rest time.
The bugle rang once again and we rushed to Trading Post to get a sweet treat. After a very fun free time full of gagaball and tetherball, third period activities began. Riflery, pottery, pickleball, archery, and horseback riding were full of energetic campers and lots of new skills were practiced.
After all activities finished, we sat down together to enjoy dinner: cheese ravioli, broccoli, and bread. All the cabins went around and sang their songs, anxious to begin Christmas festivities!
To begin Christmas Eve, counselors caroled from bunk to bunk inside each and every cabin. We Wish You a Merry Christmas rang throughout camp! Then, campers received their stockings with candy to end the night.
We are falling asleep anxiously awaiting Christmas morning, bellies full and campers happy!
Edie Clark
Little Dipper Counselor