It’s the end of the first true Sunday at Merri-Mac, and we are all gearing up for a good night’s sleep after a full day of playing, eating, swimming, and worshipping. On Sundays we get to sleep in an extra hour (!!), and campers hustled to the dining hall for a yummy breakfast featuring Merri-Mac’s famous cinnamon rolls. After breakfast, Sunnyside, our oldest cabin, gave a sweet Sunday chapel, then campers ran off to hang out with their cabin mates or try for bars in their activities. Pickleball had a fleet of girls working for their bronze and silver bars, and some just showed up to the courts for a casual (or competitive) rally. Each cabin area got to free swim at Lake Doris, and I observed many campers practicing dives on the diving board or working up their courage to try the blob. We took cabin photos after lunch and enjoyed some rest time before going back to some fun cabin activities like water balloon relays, walking the puppies, battle ball in the Mike, or even bracelet making.

For dinner, the CIT’s arranged a cookout with the help of our fabulous kitchen, and campers and staff alike enjoyed burgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, watermelon, and our famous Merri-Mac cookies. At Vespers, our Sunday night activity, counselors wowed the crowd with music from our local band, The Black Mountain Oysters, and skits featuring our directors, Mary Page and Will! After laughing a lot, we listened to Mary Page share a story and some scripture as we wound down the night by remembering our awesome God who has brought us together this summer camp.

But the night isn’t over yet! Right now I can hear cabins at the Slip and Slide, making s’mores, or sitting outside in their PJs as we milk the last daylight out of this fabulous day. Tomorrow will be another active day at Merri-Mac, but as for today we are going to bed full, tired, and happy.

Meg Van Cleve (CIT director)