Greetings from another day here in the mountains of Black Mountain!

Today at Merri Mac, we started the morning with biscuits, eggs, and potatoes for breakfast, after the Sunnysiders, our girls in the oldest cabin, declared it to be Tropical Tuesday!!! 🌺🌴🍍It was a beautiful day on Pippin Hill, where soccer tested for their bronze bar! In order to earn the bar, you must do 5 juggles (one having to go off your head) AND make 8/10 of your shots! Since this is still the beginning of our 1B session, a lot of activities contained safety talks and how to’s for their specific requirements.

Today in cooking we made scrumptious apple crisp, each in our own container so we could eat our own work! It was completed with some vanilla ice cream on top and eaten fresh out of the oven. In drama, we played a game called “what are you doing”, where you have to act out something, then another person comes up to you and asks what you are doing and you tell them what to do, and the cycle continues.

For lunch, we devoured cheese quesadillas with beans and lots of yummy fruit. It was announced that evening activity is……… BASE JUMPING. You get your tribes slip of paper and take it to one of the 3 possible bases, but watch out for the stingers (counselors dressed in all black) !!!!

For dinner, we ate fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, and churros for dessert! Some evening activities tonight include smores, pickleball, slip and slide, and cooking milkshakes in the kitchen with our cabin. Tomorrow will be another great day at Merri Mac!!!!

Kate Saunders