Dear Parents,

First and foremost, let us say again, “Happy Father’s Day!” It’s not lost on us that dads, you spent your day saying goodbye to your daughters and entrusting us with them, so THANK YOU!


Opening days are my favorite — when we FINALLY get to welcome more campers with open arms! I saw so many sweet reunions and new friends made. The camp was filled with so much laughter and excitement!!!

Friends come first on Opening Day, but it’s also about getting settled in for a great session. After saying goodbyes, we got to work! Cabins were revealed, bunks made up, bags unpacked. The girls all spent some time in our lake doing swim tests, followed by lice checks. While the girls waited for their turns, cabins bonded while playing get-to-know-you games. (I saw SO MUCH silliness and fun being had!!)

For dinner we had a classic: spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread — yum! The meal was full of so much energy!! After we ate, the girls sang their new cabin songs (some for the first time!), and the chatter was full of excitement about getting to sing tribe songs tomorrow.

And, of course, after dinner we headed up the mountain for  initiation to welcome all our new campers into their new tribes!!

The new Merri-Mac Golden Eagles are:
Elyse C.
Molly C.
Lily L.
Alex T.
Ella M.
Charlotte W.
Bradley B.

The new Merri-Mac Black Bears are:
Alice G.
Kristiana M.
Margot V.
Margaret Z.
Elia W.
Ava S.
Eliza R.
Olivia B.
Charley B.
Anne F.

The new Merri-Mac Red Wolves are:
Parker D.
Cora H.
Helen P.
Hannah W.
Sally W.
Hindley P.
Betsy D.
Camille P.

Thank you again for sharing your daughters with us! We have a great session planned for them!!

Black Bear is #1!
Talie Shove (Photographer)