Today was another beautiful day at camp Merri-Mac. The girls woke up to waffle sandwiches and blueberry muffins! During breakfast the girls got to vote for Camp Princess, Spirit of Good Cheer, and Spirit of Sportsmanship. All of the Sunnysiders that are running introduced themselves by giving their name and where they are from. Results will be announced at the end of the first session! For lunch there was a longest curly fry contest amongst campers! Reese P. in Cloud 9 was the ultimate winner. For dinner the girls had penne pasta with sausage and broccoli with ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

Chapel was led by MoMo today discussing “Who is Jesus?” followed by the girls heading off to their activities. After lunch, the girls headed to rest hour. During free time there were tribe meetings for Song Fest as well as an upgraded version of Tray-Po, “Tray-Paw”, in which two new puppies were introduced to the campers. Peri and Timby are the greatest new additions to camp!

Tonight was Fine Arts night where anyone who auditioned was able to present their fine art. (ex. Drama, singing, dancing, cabin performances, etc.) Once the fine arts festivities were over, it was announced to the campers that tonight is Christmas Eve! This means they will get to sleep in an extra hour and receive donuts and hot chocolate for breakfast tomorrow!

We’re tucked in bed tight, awaiting Santa’s arrival with Christmas cheer.

From this haven,
Olivia Stotz
Sun Drop and Volleyball Counselor