It was another merry and bright day for the campers today! Not only did everyone get to sleep in for an extra hour, but it was Christmas at camp! With the extra hour of sleep the girls were awoken by Bobby’s decorated truck! Where the senior staff passed out delicious donuts and hot chocolate to each of the girls. After we got our cabins neat and tidy, we headed to the chapel where we sang a couple of the classics like one being Deck the Halls! Chapel today was led by our very own, Maddie Lemmon (Evening Activity and Lower Senior Hill Cabin Area Director), who taught who Jesus is. Maddie, related her story to how Jesus “picked” us after we fell and cleaned up our “wounds.”

Skipping their first activity because of the festivities in the morning, the girls instead headed to their second activity where they practiced precision in archery or learned how to maintain their inner and outer balance in yoga. Wrapping up our second activity we headed to lunch where we had tasty chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes. During lunch, Maddie announced tonight’s evening activity… COUNSELOR HUNT! If you were to ask campers their favorite evening activity, they would proudly say that counselor hunt is one of their favorites!

Counselor hunt is when the campers counselors go off to hide in various places throughout camp. These places can vary from hiding in a trash can, hiding in the woods, or even behind buildings! If a counselor is found they are taken to Lake Doris where the camper that found them gets to push that counselor off of the diving board for their tribe. Counselors are worth a certain amount of points that can vary. These points can be either positive or negative!

With such an eventful day the girls head to rest hour where they have many options like take a nap, write a letter, or even read a book.

With Song Fest coming soon, each tribe has a time during free time where they practice their songs! Soon third and fourth activities come and go. The girls then rush to their cabins to put on their tribe jerseys before dinner starts. Continuing our Christmas day we have a wonderful breakfast for dinner consisting of chicken and waffles (and some savory donut holes)!

After the counselor hunts, campers hurriedly come back to their cabins where their minds are set on their comfy beds, what tomorrow has set for them, and a nice warm shower.

We cannot wait for another day at camp tomorrow!

From this haven,
Cooper King
Cross Patch and Fencing Counselor