I hear happy noises all over camp! The sun is setting on the first day of 1A and camp feels full. Full of singing (we learned cabin songs and sang them at dinner), full of spaghetti (first night of camp classic!), full of laughter and full of new friends.

The first night of camp we celebrate all of our new friends joining the Merri-Mac family with initiation. This is a chance for girls who are already Black Bears, Golden Eagles and Red Wolves to find out who will be joining them in their tribe.

Tonight we welcomed the following girls into the Red Wolf Tribe:
Charlotte G
Louise G
Virginia I
Ellie M
Marlowe Z
Mary Ford B
Cate B
Lauren D
Sydney D
Libba H
Audrey K
Elizabeth L
Olivia Grace S
Riley Y

Our new Black Bears are:
Anna Claire A
Kenley M
Reagan M
Skyler M
Eliza W
Ellie K
Sydney S
Sumner A
Kiera C
Sarah G
Penelope L
May M
Maya M
Mazie S
Amelia T
Grey W

Last but not least, we welcomed these Golden Eagles:
Caroline F
Mary Kathryn F
Emmeline D
Camille H
Vivienne H
Isabella B
Lily B
Weesie B
Kahlan C
Lila G
Katherine H
Maggie M
Mackensie M
Katherine S
Jocie U
Sophia W
Annie W

We are so excited to welcome these girls into their tribe and the Merri-Mac family!

Our tribes also elected tribal leaders from our group of oldest campers. Our Red Wolf leaders are Rachael B (chief), Saffy E (elder), Masie H (scout) and Anna S (scout). Our Black Bear leaders are Lucy W (chief), Ella T (Elder), Ellie M (scout) and Ann Tyler B (scout). Our Golden Eagle leaders are Adeline P (chief), Finley H (elder), Charlotte W (scout) and Caroline R (scout). Congratulations girls!

We finished the night by returning to our cabins for a devo and to wind down before bed. It has been one of the best first days of camp I can remember. It’s going to be the best summer yet!

Shhhhh…I can hear taps!

Great camping!
Mary Page Troxler