It’s a merri day, Merri-Mac!


Today we woke up bright and early to reveille at 7am, ready to kick off the first day of activities of the summer! We started out the day by doing our chores to make sure our cabins were neat and tidy. Chores at camp look a little different than at home…they’re way more fun! Cabin cleanup this morning could be heard all around camp as girls were giggling with their cabin mates and singing along to the Taylor Swift song’s their counselors were playing.


We headed down to breakfast for some delicious waffle sticks and sausage and sang some silly camp songs that we sing right after breakfast each day. Then we headed to the chapel, where we sang some more and heard a story from Will about who God is.


Next, it was FINALLY time for our activities! After short safety talks, we started swimming, climbing, riding, fencing, canoeing, knitting, and even playing with our adorable puppies! After our first two activities, we headed down the hill for lunch. We had a camp favorite of tacos in a bag!


Once our bellies were full, we got to sing our first tribal cheers of the summer and quickly ran outside to find the buried hatchet. The hatchet is buried at the end of each session to signify the end of tribal competition, and on the first day of each session we have to find it to symbolize the start of tribal competition, which started TONIGHT! Legend has it, whichever tribe finds the hatchet will win the banner at the end of the session. Today, the Black Bears found it, but the Golden Eagles and Red Wolves are sure to put up a good fight to win that banner.


We had rest hour followed by free time this afternoon, where we enjoyed some candy and drinks from the trading post, more affectionately known as “tray po”, and headed off to our afternoon activities.


For dinner, we had orange chicken, rice, egg rolls, and confetti cake for dessert to fuel us for tonight’s first tribal competition of the summer…SOCK WAR!!!


You’ll have to check in tomorrow to see which tribe won, but it’s safe to say that all three tribes were competitive, spirited, and had a ton of fun. After a day packed with excitement, we’re ready for a great night’s sleep so we can be ready to wake up and do it all again tomorrow!


From this haven,

Maddie Lemmon

Evening Activity and Cabin Area Director

Proud Red Wolf