Another successful day here at camp! Our Wednesday morning started off with a fan favorite, circle breakfast sandwiches. As the kayaking and trail running trips headed out for the day, we all walked up to chapel. Today we sang On Jordan’s Stormy Banks, Good Good Father, and A Thousand Miles.
First and second periods were especially lively in cooking, DIY projects, and pickleball. Many girls worked toward earning their bars in numerous activities, with the encouragement of their counselors and peers. After some relaxing “turf time” before lunch, we had delicious southwestern chicken wraps.
Outdoors during free time this afternoon we spotted tweedles playing near the creek, and Sunnysiders dressed with animal and animal print attire for Wilderness Wednesday. Third and fourth periods brought laughter and joy as canoeing played Canoeing Basketball, and backpacking practiced filtering water with a reward of a hot cocoa.
We finished our day off with dressing up for our evening activity…Counselor Hunt! Counselors went all out with the camoflauge and black outfits, while campers were decked out in their tribe jerseys and accessories. Counselor Hunt was more a win for the campers tonight, as about 20 counselors were found and pushed off the diving board by their spotters. Lastly, cabins gathered to enjoy a post-evening activity including a bonfire, riding the slip and side, or making milkshakes in the cooking kitchen.
All in all, we had a blast today and can’t wait to see what fun tomorrow, our second to last day of 1A, brings.

Amelia Losch
Tweedle Dee Counselor