Today was a magical day at Camp Merri-Mac! To start off this beautiful day, the girls were greeted with some yummy French toast sticks and bacon at the doors of the Tucker Inn.

Then it was time to scurry off to chapel! We sang the banana song, How He Loves Us, and Blessed Be Your Name. Mary Page led us in our chapel message this morning surrounding Isaiah 41:10 encouraging the girls to to trust in God!
After chapel it was time for the activities to begin!
In cooking, our chefs whipped up some delicious chocolate cupcakes that were devoured in seconds after they were topped with icing. In pottery, the girls made their finishing touches on their pieces by adding some glaze. In backpacking, the girls got to practice throwing rope for bear hangs!
After the first two activities, it was time for lunch where the girls had the famous Stromboli! After a well needed Italian fix, the ladies practiced singing closing ceremony songs and then headed off to some well deserved rest time!
As the bugle rang, you could hear the hurried footsteps of campers racing down to trading post to grab a sweet treat! Free time was full of yummy snacks, tetherball & gagaball, backpacking bars, and a fierce pickle ball tournament!
The bugle rang once again and the girls were off to their second part of the day. In kayaking they worked on onside and offside rolls. In PAWS the girls got to give the puppies their very first bath (don’t worry, the puppies relieved lots of emotional support and treats during the sudsy session)! In climbing the girls got to practice their belaying skills and in archery they channeled their inner Katniss Everdeen and hit some balloons on the targets!
As the final activity time was wrapping up, you could feel the exciting tension in the air! During the 30 minute gap between 4th activity and dinner, the girls got all dressed up for PRINCESS PARTY!!!
The Tucker Inn was full of girls supporting one another with compliments and pork carnitas, ending off the meal with sugar cookies to satisfy those with a sweet tooth.
The cabin princesses raced off to prepare for their top secret performance ooooof (drumroll please)…….. Super Mario Brothers! The cabin princesses gave a moving performance of the Mario Brothers overcoming trials and obstacles to save the beloved princess peach from Bowser. After many giggles, the crowd gave a standing ovation!
Following the performance, the camp princess received many loving words friends and family!
Then came the reception with a super Mario themed confetti cake and some sweet lemonade.
The girls ended off the evening with some pictures, an exciting post evening activity and some devotional time with their cabins.
As the sweet sound of taps rang through the air at the end of the night, the girls fell asleep cherishing these last few days of session 1A!
We’ll see ya tomorrow!
Anna Jowanowitch
Sunnyside Counselor