We woke up bright and early to the sound of the bugle to kick off another great day at Camp Merri Mac. Breakfast was one of camper’s favorites, coffee cake and waffle sandwiches! This meal also included raspberries at the yogurt bar and grits at the hot bar.

After a delicious breakfast the girls headed up to chapel to sing songs and receive a reflective message from Will Troxler expanding upon trusting in the Lord’s message in Proverbs 3: 5-6. To close out chapel we sang the camp hymn and were then ready for an awesome day at camp!

The girls then headed to their first activity where they learned how to cast off in knitting and filter water in backpacking.
Up on Pippin hill girls led puppy relays leading the puppies through cones and ending the relay by jumping in the kiddie pool with them!

Girls also practiced precision in archery class today! Using the skills they have learned, they follow range commands and Caroline M. in Sunny Side got a grouping in archery as she works for her Bronze Bar!

Archery class also sent a select group of girls to Timberlake this afternoon to participate in the Merri-Mac & Timberlake archery invitational. The 8 archers representing Merri Mac were Penelope W, Becca P, Carroll W, Carly s, Ava O, Addison M, Grace G, and Mattie P.

For lunch we enjoyed grilled cheese and curly fries. Nearing the end of lunch, campers competed in the longest curly fry competition. It was a close race but senior hill beat the staff table! In addition, Great Escape was announced as tonight’s evening activity. The point of the game is to collect all 13 slips of paper to build the final riddle. This riddle reveals where the flag is hidden thus signaling the end to the game.

For dinner, we had ravioli, broccoli, and rolls. We also were able to congratulate our fellow Merri Mac and Timberlake kayakers who participated in the Camp Cup! This event takes places every year with camps from surrounding areas competing on the Nantahala River.

Ruari O’Connor

(Bear Camp and cooking counselor)