It has been a cheerful Christmas Day here at Merri-Mac! Everyone got to sleep in for an extra hour today, and spirits were high as we were woken by the sound of Christmas music and the jubilant cheers of our Senior Staff. After each cabin ran outside to Bobby’s Truck, they were served Donuts and Hot Chocolate. After each camper received their stockings full of many treats and their “Secret Santa” letters that they had written for each other, it was time to head to Chapel.

Chapel started off by singing Christmas songs, such as “Silent Night” and “The First Noel”. We learned about Jesus’ love and how God loves us just the way we are because he created us.

Following Chapel, everyone went to their activity of the morning. Today in cooking, they made the ‘Merri-Mac Christmas Pasta’, and it was absolutely delicious! They made both tomato and pesto sauce, which were red and green. In volleyball, they worked on and practiced over-hand serving and consistent volleys. In backpacking, they learned how to properly filter water and string up a bear bag. In riding the girls used their stopping and starting skills to walk the horses to a Christmas tree and hang an ornament, sitting on their horse. That is just to name a few!

For lunch, we had chicken, corn and mashed potatoes! Then cabin pictures were taken.

After rest hour and trading post in the afternoon, activities continued with high spirits until dinner.  Dinner tonight was Chicken and Waffles, a huge favorite! Evening activity tonight was ‘Battle for Middle Earth” which is a new and competitive tribal game that took place all over camp.

It sure was a fun-filled day here at Merri-Mac!

Earle Thompson

Photography and former camper