We woke up to cooler temperatures and started off the day with French toast and sausage. Off to chapel to for singing and learning about God’s Love from another true story by Mary Page.

The campers spent another day of getting to know about their new activities. The counselors explained the safety rules and taught the campers how to properly take part in the classes. Learning how to hold a bow correctly on the archery range, what are pockets, pinches and crimps on the transverse climbing wall, how to tie a slip knot in knitting, how to make brownies step by step in the kitchen, how to advance and lunge in fencing, how to hold a paddle in canoeing, learning first aid for the puppies, where the KITCHEN is in pickle ball, and so many more important details about their activities, each girl at camp learned something new today that they will build upon in the next couple of weeks and years.

Lunch was delicious with mini corn dogs, mac-n-cheese and of course yummy pineapple! Rest period was a much needed respite from the busy day of learning new things! Everyone welcomed free time playing gaga ball, hanging out on the rock by the riding ring talking about the horses, playing tether ball, chatting and lounging in rocking chairs and playing in Tweedle creek while enjoying a treat from trading post.

Two more new, fun activities went by, and we had a yummy dinner of pork tenderloin, scalloped potatoes and green peas. The Black Bears celebrated when it was announced that they won Base Jumping from last night’s evening activity! Then, tonight’s evening activity was announced! The campers already knew to wear all their fun tribe attire and they were off on the HUNT for their counselors! The counselors wore all black and hid in very sneaky places all around camp. All the campers ran all over the camp to find the counselors for their tribe. Once found, the camper brought the counselor to the waterfront to be pushed into the lake! Each counselor had been assigned points earlier in the day to be rewarded to or deducted from the finding camper’s tribe! So, one counselor could be worth 349 points, while another was worth negative 200 points! It will be interesting to see who won the Counselor Hunt!

The campers ended the fun filled day with a post evening activity with their cabin. Each cabin did something fun and special, one cabin was making milkshakes in the kitchen, others were having a campfire and roasting s’mores, another cabin took a dip in Lake Doris, some were playing games and having daily devotions in their cabins. It is always nice to end each day with good, quality cabin time!

We cannot wait to see what tomorrow will bring here at Camp Merri-Mac!

Earle Kluttz Thompson
Camp Photographer
Former camper, Black Bear chief, and Spirit of Sportsmanship