Today, as Merri-Mac girls sat in Tucker Inn eating the last crumbs of their favorite lunch deserts – s’more pockets, a climax of anticipation and excitement was reached.  A “Head Peacekeeper” (a director from Rockmont Camp for Boys) and his fellow peacekeepers (Rockmont counselors) walked in the dining hall to invite Merri-Mac to a social. Our junior camp will enjoy swimming at our camp director’s pool this evening though since they need to get in bed earlier than the rest of camp.  Immediately Tucker Inn was filled with stomping, screaming, hugging, and giggling. It is possible that a few tears of joy were shed.  Rockmont is a Christian camp for boys also located in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Each summer the camp hosts a social to which they invite the Merri-Mac girls. This year the girls were invited to be “tributes” and arrive at the “arena” (Camp Rockmont) to participate in the Hunger Games. This theme is the result of the popular movie and book series. Rockmont “districts” will host various activities including crafts, a picture booth, the movie “UP”, and finally, a square dance.

This whole day could be thought of as one big preparation for the games. The girls did their  “training” by meeting challenges head on. This morning on the lake girls were doing back dives and swamping canoes while Brianna B. learned her roll in kayaking. In volleyball Sherryl B., Heather R., Gia V., Laura G., and Nicki G. served, bumped, and set to earn their bronze bars in volleyball while Gabby M., Lizzie B., and Martha K. earned their bronze bars in fencing.

Outside of camp Megan P., Stewart Anne M., Jordan W., Katie B., Lexy S., Rachel C., Chelsea Y., and Grace C. traveled to Catawba falls for a backpacking trip. Meanwhile, Sydney B. and Caroline C. completed one of the requirements for their gold bar by leading a climbing trip (with staff supervision) to Little Lost Cove that Emma B., Gabrielle A., Arianna J., Emily M., Maia Z., Olivia W., Nina H., and Emily B. went on. Gabrielle A., a member of junior camp, was by far the youngest girl on a trip made up mostly of girls from our two oldest cabins; but she was mentored by the older girls, which helped them all to have a great time despite the hot weather!

This afternoon the girls began to consult with their stylists to prepare for their appearance at the “games”. In cabins trunks flew open as the girls carefully chose outfits after consulting friends and the air was filled with the smell of nail polish combined with the odor of hair straighteners. The excitement was palpable. All of our girls look lovely and we are sure they will have a great time whether they are headed off to Rockmont or to the Boyds’ for swimming!

Kara Lofton and Rachel Bishop

“Dream” (cabin) Team

Iroquois Power and Seminole Pride