Exodus 35:2 states that “Six days shall work be done, but on the seventh day there shall be to you an holy day, a sabbath of rest to the Lord.” As in accordance to Scripture, Sundays are special days at Camp Merri-Mac. The girls wear their Sunday best, sleep in an hour past the normal 7AM bugle, and do not attend formal classes.

During breakfast, the girls nearly broke the record for “most times of singing the announcement song before the directors begins announcements.”  This is quite the accomplishment. We were then treated to a chapel service led by the Sunnyside girls. They began the service by wearing white masks to demonstrate to their peers the importance of being open and honest with God.  God loves us so much and He truly desires that we come to Him without wearing a mask.

After chapel, girls were given the choice to choose between: archery, chorus, fencing, making lanyards and friendship bracelets, tennis, knitting, volleyball, soccer, and much more. Some also chose to fellowship with their peers, challenge each other in tetherball, and play cards in their hammocks.

The girls ended the day on a cheery note with a cook-out of: hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, watermelon and cookies. It was deeeee-licious. Once everybody had had enough to eat, all campers headed to the mike to listen to the Black Mountain Oysters perform.

~Sarah Shortridge