If you have ever set foot on Camp Merri-Mac during a typical day, the first thing you would probably notice is the singing. Today began with our cabin awakening to “Call Me Maybe.” After singing grace for breakfast we sang a few camp songs, such as “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up.” At chapel we sang “Light the Fire in My Soul.”
During Camp Craft we learned to make and start a fire, and then cooked doughboys over it—delicious biscuit dough wrapped around a stick, cooked over the fire, and rolled in butter and cinnamon sugar. Diving celebrated “Uhmurica,” by having an American Canon-ball Contest and singing the national anthem. The winner was Leah F., who could make the best canonball while simultaneously shouting the most patriotic thing. Art class ventured over to the barn to work on drawing what they see: horses, drawn with charcoal.

At lunch Katie S. was going for a gold bar in guitar, so she played and sang a song she wrote. It was a serenade to her guitar instructor, Rebecca, called “I’d Break a String for You.” Several other campers also got bars today, Nicole C. got her bronze in swimming and Meg B. got her silver. Sarah Kate P. and Kat W. got their bronze in Emergency Water Safety, and Audrey H. got her silver. Grace C. and Mairin M. got their bronze in volleyball, and Abbie T. and Lanier L. got their rolls in kayaking.

Anna M. turned fifteen today and Jiselle H. turned twelve. Both were heartily celebrated with “Happy Birthday” sung at every meal and chocolate cake at lunch. The Choctaw tribe was thrilled to win volleyball last night and rung in the victory today at lunch with loud tribal cheers and songs. The Iroquois were not too far behind, and won spirit points for volleyball.

Madeline B., Madeline H., Ellie H., Madisyn M., Mia S., and Claire S. went water skiing this morning, while Katie B., Sophia B., Betsy B., Ivy C., Megan P., and Samantha F. went this afternoon.

After dinner, all the cabins sang their cabin songs, including add-ons each cabin made up filled with camp inside jokes from this session. Here is an excerpt from Sunnyside’s:
“I know a place where the sun is always shining,
Hash-tag wild,
Flammy’s dying in our cabin,
Sippin’ Jesus-juice, that we raided from the tray-po–oh no,
Tell me I’m pretty!”

Tonight we had a Hunger Games-inspired evening activity. The Sunnyside and Dreams girls dressed in camouflage and hid all throughout camp as “tributes.” It was certainly a fun-filled day to remember!

Rebecca Wise
Sunnyside Counselor
Cooking Instructor
Sublime Choctaw