How exciting it is for everyone on opening day!   I saw girls running across the grass to hug the friends they made last summer and I watched the returning campers introduce themselves to the new campers.   Lots of giggles, hugs and smiles all over the place!   I enjoyed meeting most of you, the parents, today as well.

It is never easy dropping your child off at camp for two weeks, especially if this is your first time.   But I promise, your camper will have the time of their life these next two weeks and they are in the greatest of hands!   I will do my best to keep you informed and give you peek into their camping wonder world.

Tonight was INITIATION!  Here is a list of the new campers and their lifelong tribes… (photos will be up in the morning)


Abigail F.

Aurora M.

Catherine C.

Ansleigh S.

Suzanne W

Ava Caroline W.

Amelia L.

Riley E.

Grace R.

Ashley H.

Nora C.

Courtney J.

Josefina B.

Katherine B.

Alaina M.

Olivia A.

Lydia H.

Kate H.



Evy V.

Josephine V.

Claire D.

Austin T.

Hannah C.

Calleigh D.

Catherine D.

Sophia S.

Sierra W.

Payton S.

Jessica W.

Karis P.

Sara-Grace E.

Elizabeth S.

Margaret R.

Natalee-Ann T.

Ana D.

Ryan S.



Lydia W.

Isabella St.P.

Tessa S.

Hadley S.

Nataleigh P.

Riley P.

Austin B.

Avery B.

Janice C.

Maria R.

Maddie M.

Kathleen O’G.

Wesley K.

Olivia F.

Caroline K.


Well Taps just blew and that means all your campers are snug in their beds.  Tomorrow will be another day full of fun and excitement and lots of photos will be posted… Just try not to wear out that refresh button 😉

Wendy Perry

Tech Director

12th summer

Proud Iroquois