“Merri-Mac” is more than just the name that adorns the sign on Montreat Road greeting people to camp. It symbolizes years of history, tradition, and thousands of campers who have come, who will come and who are here today. “Merri-Mac” is the name we use to represent a camp that stands above the rest, one that sets the precedent for excellence. It can be hard to put into words what this camp means to so many, so I will let the voices of our campers echo the essence of what “Merri-Mac” truly means to them.


My favorite part about camp is meeting new friends!” Mary Katherine F. shared as she overlooked a game of teatherball during free time.

Emily is having a fantabulous time at camp!”  Emily K. said as she munched on treats during Trading Post.

Readying ourselves for fall with snazzy scarves” said Emily D. as she admired her handiwork in knitting.

Right now I’m getting the best massage of my life” sighed Caroline H. as she received some TLC from Tweedle Dee camper Evy V.

Iroquois is number one, and don’t you forget!” exclaimed Moonmist counselor Rachel Bishop. Both the counselors and campers exude tribe spirit the whole day long. Tonight the three tribes will meet in a game of Base Jumping.

Most of my best friends I met at camp Merri-Mac!” smiled Sofia S.

Amazing food can be had at breakfast, lunch and dinner!” said a satisfied Kate B.

Camp is the best part of summer!” shouted Elizabeth O’D. as she soaked up the sun this afternoon.


Eight short quotes cannot entirely encompass the nature of camp, but they can speak volumes to how much joy one girl can experience in a single day at camp. Several girls had great success after working hard in their activities today, including Sarah L. who got her Silver in canoeing! In addition, the sweet sound of Hannah S., Lindsey H., Marie C., Caroline F., and Emily D. showing what they know and getting their Bronze in Ukulele could be heard up on the porch of Little Dipper. Tonight, Katherine H., Stephanie T., Vivian G., Savannah S., Julianna H., Abby T., Marquesa C., and Julia V. are out on a backpacking trip, led by their fearless leaders Sammi Eubanks and Mary Brooke Seale. And the day could not have been more perfect for the waterskiing trip that Caroline C., Sara Grace E., Courtney J., Karis P., Elizabeth W., and Claire H. went on today.

There is never any doubt that campers create special and long-lasting relationships with their counselors. Proof of that could be seen today when one of the Water Polo teams in Swimming class affectionately named themselves “The Tibbys” in honor of the beloved Moonmist counselor. Consequently, “The Tibbys” were victorious over their rivals, “The Lightning Fish” in today’s match.

I hope that you are able to see more than just words on a screen as you read this and are able to hear the laughter, shouting, singing and clapping that could be heard today. I hope you can smell the war paint as the girls support their tribes and the chocolate cupcakes prepared and enjoyed by the cooking class. I hope you can feel the joy that is unavoidable when spending any amount of time here at Merri-Mac. Because it is more than just a name… its home.


Ellie Simpson

Tweedle Dee counselor

Chorus Teacher

Choctaw till the day I die.