It is a promise to ourselves and a declaration to everyone else, and with these words we began our day here at Camp Merri-Mac!  With the words of our morning songs still ringing in our heads, we left breakfast and trekked up the hill to chapel, ready for another full day at camp.  Adam spoke at chapel from Hebrews 12:2, and from there we hit the ground running.

After chapel, Claire U.  headed down the hill to pottery class, where she hand molded two clay penguins.   A little ways down the road, camp craft made their very own s’more pockets on camping stoves, and learned knots to pitch tents and tarps.  As I walked past horseback riding and volleyball, I could hear singing and laughing coming from Lake Doris.  Sarah Francis E.  got to blob today, and Jessica G. got her roll in kayaking!  As I walked up the hill I thought about how blessed we are to have such an awesome waterfront.  As I neared the top of the hill, I was drawn to the drama room by the sound of shouting.   When I got inside I found Miller E. and Mary Keys P. enthusiastically participating in a game that taught pronunciation and characterization.  Their shouts followed me out the door and all the way to fitness, where Anne Dillon L. was working on her gold in dance!  Ironically, I left fitness and was drawn into the kitchen by the smell of grilled cheese and yummy soup.  In the kitchen I found Layton B. and Emily B. working on bars.  Layton is our youngest bronze earner yet! And Emily earned her silver by baking a birthday cake for Anna and Sarah P. who had their 16th birthday today!

As if the day wasn’t full enough already, Ellen B, Candler J, Holly M, Rachel C, Nicole C, and Izzy O. spent the afternoon on beautiful Lake James waterskiing.  They got back just in time for dinner, where we all enjoyed chicken tenders, corn and mashed potatoes, with chocolate chip cake for dessert.

From dinner, each camp—junior, intermediate, and senior—lined up to go to her respective White Feather ceremony.  At these ceremonies, girls could receive marks from completing an elective, earning a bar, or receiving a commendation. The following girls received marks for completing electives:  Taylor C, Hannah W, Sarah K, Olivia J, Caroline C, Kade D, Rigby P, Grace E, Madeline M, Ellie H, Ellen B, Emma B, Katie B, Victoria B, Emma O, Liddy C, Emily Ann S, Zoe R, Mary Grace W, Anne Dillon L, Shelby B, Caroline A, Jessica T, Emily B, Claire D, Anna P, Anna Blair P, Anna M, Elizabeth C, Lainey G, and Mary Helen P.  Each of these girls took initiative to do something like run the trail, or go on a campout to earn this mark.  Many girls also earned marks for bars in their activities.  In archery: Chapel D, Chloe R, and Anna W.  In basketball: Emerson E, Olivia L, Kennedy D, Lucy M, Sarah B, Hannah B, Morgan B, Lucie F, and Hunter S.  In Chorus: Hunter W, Christina C, Jessica T,  Hannah W, Grace C, Isabel E, Courtney H, Mary E. B.  In climbing: Hannah W, Julia T, Katie F, Mary Grace W, Annie U, Emma B, Mallorie D, Maggie O, Sang-Mi L, Britta B, Emily N, and Ava H.  In competitive swimming: Anna F, Caroline A, Hannah W, Nora V, Ashley C, and Olivia K.  In cooking: Aiden B, Jessica G, Victoria B, Caroline A, Elizabeth M, Emily B, Olivia W, Taylor C, Meghan R, Anne Morrison B, Jessica T, Victoria B, Chloe J, Leighton E, Alexsis H, Honor Wood, and Tess B.  In dance: Betsy B, Leighton E, Nicoletta B, Nettie P, Emily W, Taylor C, Mary Grace W, Katherine B, Emily R, Annie U, Christina C, Mary Keys P, Gabby F, Kennedy D, Carsyn K, Kate A, Julia E, Anna Myers and Sarah Rusu.  In diving: Elizabeth R and Emily R.  In drama: Molly M. In fencing: Kathryn N and Hunter W.  In guitar: Millie M, Molly K, Kat B, Sydney G, Liddy C, Emma B, Anna P, Miller E, Christina C, Victoria B, Zoe R, Lila B, Anne Dillon L and Rachel D. In gymnastics: Elise B, Kennedy D, Kade D, and Kate S.  In kayaking: Kate S, Anna M, Mary Helen P, Hunter S, Shannon M, Meghan R and Jessia G.  In lacrosse: Mary Elizabeth G.  In riding: Sang-Mi L, Mary Avrett B, Virginia D, Hinter W, and Shannon M.  In rifelry: Sydney G.  In soccer: Emily Ann S, Meghan M, Sarah K, Kate S, and Kennedy D.  In swimming: Elizabeth P, Mary Helen P, Caroline A, Emily B, Grace C, Madigan E, Mya B, Emily E, and Carter K.  In volleyball: Miller E, Sarah K, and Hunter W.  In tennis: Emma J, Millie M, Stella Mae L, Sarah B, Ingrid J, Lauren S, and Allie W.  In addition to bars and electives, campers were awarded commendations by their peers and their counselors.  The following girls received counselor commendations: Morgan B, Adrianna L, Sherril B, Nicole C, Olivia Faith D, Sarah K, Rachel Drury, Hunter S, Merrill L, Virginia D, Emma O, Holley M, Zoe R, Hunter W, Maddie M, Anna P, Caitlin O, Audrey E, Bailey A, Larkin S, Nettie P, Kindle H, Harmon K, Molly M, Kate S, Emily B, Allie W, Sydney H, Gabby F, Avery S, Shane O, Sarah B, Carsyn K, Olivia L, Kat B, Talley P, and Alexsis H.  The following girls were awarded camper commendations:  Taylor C, Hannah W, Lucie F, Julia T, Sherrill B, Nora V, Rigby P, Madeline H, Emma B, Meghan M, Victoria B, Emily Ann S, Anne Dillon L, Caroline A, Anna Blair P, Elzabeth M, Emily B, Bailey A, Mary Helen P, Olivia W, Emerson E, Caroline R, Grace V, Sydney H, Molly K, Avery S, Isabel E, Kate A, Julia P, Millie M, Lucy M, Mary Elizabeth B, Emily C, Kennedy D, Kathryn B, Leighton E, Gabrielle A, Hallie B, Lizzie R, and Katherine W.

After all was said and done, many girls had received White Feather rank promotions.  To Groundhog: Nettie P and Elizabeth R.  To Badger: Leighton E, Mary M, and Kate S.  To Arrow: Emerson E, Caroline R, Courtney H, Shane O, Sydney H, Molly K, and Kennedy D.  To Crazy Creek: Julia P.  To Long Bow: Mary Elizabeth B.  To Running Deer: Shannon M, Mary Grace W, Zoe R, Liddy C, Hannah W, Chloe J, Emma B, Kade D, Sarah K, Julia T, and Nora V.  To Red Tail: Sydney G, Audrey E, Emily B, and Anna P.  And finally, to Junior Feather:  Caroline A, Hunter W, Emily Ann S, Rigby P, and Mary Helen P. 

After White Feather, campers and counselors moved straight into counselor hunt, which is a camp-wide game of hide and seek.  Currently, happy noises fill the camp as campers prepare for bed, laughing and singing and dancing.  Goodnight for now Merri-Mac.  We all need rest for another day!

Mary Page B.