Our morning started out as it usually does with Reveille, chores, and breakfast songs.  (Side Story: I was on the Hill (Senior Hill) helping a camper load her trunk, and the sound wafting from Tucker Inn through the trees was beautiful.  I have never experienced hearing Merri-Mac’s songs from afar, but it is a delight to the ears!) After breakfast the girls gathered on the Back Green for the Friendship Circle.  This is an honored tradition at Merri-Mac to say our farewells to our friends and the camp.  The Tweedles gather in an inner circle while the rest of camp encompasses them in a larger circle.  There are tears, but they are tears and sighs of “I don’t want to leave!!”

From the Friendship Circle, girls go their activities.  We are ever persistent here at Merri-Mac, and we want the girls to learn as much about their skills in classes as possible! Cooking made muffins, and guitar sang and played to Senior Hill all morning.

After lunch, girls got to choose what activities they would love to attend for the afternoon.  Cooking made S’more Brownies (Just as delicious as they sound!) and chocolate chip cookies.  Girls could continue learning climbing skills and new notes on the guitar. In Basketball, counselors and SunnySiders created teams and battled it out on the court.  And, of course, the waterfront was teaming with activity!!  The Blob and Water slide were both open to the joy of the campers!  These two activities filled up first! Kayaking and free swim were having a blast as well!  It was an afternoon filled with fun galore!

With all of our excitement today, our evening activity was well welcomed by our girls.  SunnySide had a trip to go swimming at Adam and Ann Boyd’s house while the rest of our girls went to the Mike for Movie Night.  Sleeping bags, pillows, your best friends, and Tangled all made for a fantastic night!

As our day draws closer to Taps, we will miss our friends that have journeyed home until next year, but we know that our friendships with them are solidified in this haven known as Merri-Mac.  Tomorrow, we welcome a new group of campers, and we cannot wait until they arrive!  We have more evening activities to play, more tribe spirit to release, and more memories to make!  Hurry up and get here!!

Merri-Mac: First, Last, and Always.

Chasidy S.