Merri-Mac started the day off just right with a beautiful morning. After breakfast and camp songs the girls headed to chapel. After a little free time the girls headed off to activities. In Tennis, girls worked on bars. Several earned their bronze bars throughout the day. At the end of class they played a fun game of jailbreak. During Archery, the girls continued to work on shooting technique and many began to work on bars. In Dance, girls worked on their bronze bars after having a day to practice their dance routine. Afterwards they had a dance party to celebrate. Guitar had a big day up on the hill. Two girls earned their bars today, one earned silver and another earned bronze. They also learned the chords for several Taylor Swift songs and learned how to play the song titanium. In Gymnastics, girls worked on drills beam and floor routines. Several girls began working on their silver bars. During Climbing, girls went to the tower and to the grotto where they did some free climbing. Swimming had a fun day on the lake blobbing and having cannon ball contests. Canoeing worked on stroke technique. In Kayaking, the girls played a fun game of kayak polo. This game helps the girls get more comfortable with the paddle and wet exiting. It’s also good combat training for when they go out on rivers. In Camp Craft, the girls took on the high ropes course. They also learned how to build fires and made s’mores as a sweet treat. During Riding, girls practiced posting and some jumping. They also did around the world and if they were ready stood tall their horses. In Fitness, the girls did a leg and ab workout. In Lacrosse, girls molded their mouth guards and practiced shooting and passing drills. In Cooking, the girls made chili and cornbread. This gave them the opportunity to chop up some veggies and practice their chopping skills. During knitting, the girls worked on making their headbands and pot holders. In pottery, the girls had the opportunity to glaze their pinch pots. In Volleyball, girls began to learn to serve the ball. It was a good day of activities for the Merri-Mac girls. Tonight, the girls will have their first White Feather ceremony of the session. This is a special ceremony at camp where girls receive their rank advancements, camper and counselor commendations, and bars for activities. After the ceremony everyone tribe will commence for the big Apache Race.

Mary Margaret M.