Camp Merri-Mac is the Top Christian Girls’ Camp in all of North Carolina! There are many different kinds of Christian camps in beautiful North CarolinaCamp Merri-Mac is a little different than the rest! We are not a church camp, we are not a Bible camp, but we are a traditional and Christ-centered establishment that emphasizes teaching skills and the love of Jesus Christ.

Here at Camp Merri-Mac we believe that we are destined to do all things to the glory of God and that God himself smiles upon the work we do here. God is present when we teach our activities, when our campers learn new skills, when friendships are fostered, when our cabins are built, and even when our horses are trained! Excellence is the standard here at Camp Merri-Mac and all of our skilled counselors are trained in Christian leadership, have strong grasp of grace and gospel, and a high view of the Scripture.

Girls spend their summers at Camp Merri-Mac’s Top Christian Girls’ Camp in North Carolina to have fun, embrace their faith, and build confidence! Camp Merri-Mac is the Top Christian Girls’ Camp in North Carolina because we stand by our mission to create an environment in which the love of Jesus Christ is demonstrated by the staff and experienced by all.

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