It was a sunny, merry day at Merri-Mac! The sun awakened the campers in the morning, its rays providing the promise of a day full of adventure and cheer. After finishing the cabin chores in hopes of winning the coveted cabin cake, all the girls scurried to the Tucker Inn to eat the most important meal of the day and to belt out quirky camp classics like “the Prune Song.”

Kayakers and Climbers then prepared for their daylong ventures in the mountains. Climbers went to the Snake’s Den, an old growth forest, and Kayakers paddled down the Tuck. Meanwhile, campers rejoiced in chapel with songs like “I’ve got a River of Life” and heard from counselor, Molly C about God’s boundless love and grace. Next, campers got ready for the day’s activities. In Guitar Caroline C and Molly R worked on playing the song “Riptide” and in Dance they practiced a routine to the song, “Footloose.”

Campers’ creative juices were flowing in classes like pottery and DIY crafts, where they were building pinch pots and cross-stitching designs. Madison J’s pot took the form of a pig, while Brooke B turned her pinch pot into a bird’s nest, with life-like eggs and all. Oddly enough, Pottery was not the only place pigs were made today. In cooking, campers whipped up pigs in a blanket and delicious mac & cheese. Ingredients included pasta, cheese, breadcrumbs, and of course—butter! As camper Izzy E recited in Drama while practicing tongue twisters, “Betty bought butter but the butter was bitter…” Here’s to the fact that Merri-Mac butter is always better and never bitter.

Campers had a blast in water sports as they beat the heat in the refreshing Lake Doris. In Kayaking Emma H, Millie M, and Karly K all had their first wet exits and the classes learned how to brace and draw strokes. After a day full of creating, running, and, swimming, everyone got decked out in their tribal gear for the night’s evening activity—Base Jumping. Points were won and songs were sung, and with the sweet sound of reveille, another fun day of adventure came to a close.
Jodie E